Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Wanna Be A White Crayon... So Frikkin' Bad!

I've heard people complaining about the existence of the white crayon, how they think it's completely pointless and useless.

But I? I beg to differ. Forget wondering why white crayons exist, I wish I were a white crayon!

That way no one could use me. At least it would be less painful then being human. Humans have to bear all these emotions, hurt, pain, anger, depression, aggression... Need I say more?

It would be so much easier, to just be the odd white crayon, in a pack full of colorful wax crayons. At least they're at peace. The best part is, they don't even know how badly people don't want to them around, cause they don't hear it, or sense the body language. That's just saved for us humans, to feel to know what people really think of you, to have insults hurled at your face, and behind your back. They're saved the bother, Heck. They're awesome.
From this day on, I want to be a wax crayon... A WHITE one. But then again, I wanted to be superman when I was 8, I waited for a letter to Hogwarts when I was 11...But for now, I'm still your average white crayon wannabe.