Monday, 28 March 2011

The Green Team's Awaited Match.

All the surging emotions that have been set free between India and Pakistan in the recent days as both the national teams have emerged into the semi- finals of the Worldcup 2011.
I don't know what's going on across the border, but I do know that around here the hype is insane and the tension will rise as Wednesday approaches.
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, that heads won't roll. It's just a game, and any chance of losing it would be devastating and well... I don't know if the screens will survive this time. It's kind of a tradition here, the cricket fanatic buys a home theater for the sake of the most awaited match, the team loses and before you know it...BAM!! Pieces of that TV he could've just given to me, are flying everywhere. Turns out he put a foot through it, or the dolby surround system he lifted and thrust through. I don't know how that feat was managed probably just the adrenaline rush. Wait...Am I being a little sexist here? I bet there are many female cricket fanatics out there, I'm just not sure they're driven enough to break screens and turn the world upside down after losing...Or who knows? Maybe they are. After Rebecca Black's new single, I'm convinced anything is possible.
Oh and don't take me to be a pessimist or anything! I fully support Pakistan, in fact I'm already geared up with a team shirt, a team green band (I intend to get it soon), and a ticket to watch the match screening (I intend to get a ticket to that to. Er, soon.)
Also, this whole rivalry that's risen JUST because of the upcoming game is wrong, or that's what I think at least. Why fight over a game? Emotions should be kept away from cricket.
India and Pakistan are both well known teams, and they both have an equal chance of winning this. But, nevertheless my support is with Pakistan.
And one more thing, we need to stop blaming the common Indians over something that happened way back in the 1940s it can't be changed but we all need to look past it and move on.
Today's youth should know better than to hate, when there's so much room for love. Afterall, generations have past and maybe it's time to break the ice and move forward.
ANYWAY!! Go Greeen Team!

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