Friday, 1 April 2011

They Aren't Just Seasons.

Sure we notice every few months the season changes, but they leave behind something that's ours for taking.
Summer leaves it's trail of dewdrops reminding you that it'll rain in July again, next year isn't that far. It teaches you to bear the temperature outside, to cope and most importantly to enjoy while you can, because working days get nearer everyday. Some summer days are perfect, with the right amount of sunlight and cool breeze and sing-song birds. Every summer is a different experience. And when summer passes one can't help but remember one's exuberance, and liveliness.
The cold winter breeze makes us miss the heat of the summer, but yet we try to savor it while we still can. Every falling snow flake is a different shape, Just as every winter morning brings us a new day with something different to look forward to. You can never get enough of winter, the freezing winter nights and memories entwined with it. Winter eventually leaves, but it reminds one of one's perseverance.
Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party! It's finally bright outside." Flowers grow, as once bare gardens are filled with Hydrangeas, Marigolds and what not. It's the perfect time, to stay outdoors and enjoy the spring time while it lasts, Because it won't last forever. Nothing lasts forever. But spring always reminds one of one's innocence. That doesn't last forever, but is always a part of us and even though we lose track of it every now and then, it still exists.
Autumn is like second spring where every leave is a flower. Autumn is the time of the year when the leaves you see green all year around start taking on a tinge of golden and orange, all those leaves get piled up into a beautiful mess. That gets raked away, what it reminds one of is one's reverence.
But setting all the leaves and dew drops aside, seasons bring change. Change is hard to accept but needed in life, as the Autumn leaves fall someone somewhere just got fired from their job, soon as winter sets in someone somewhere just buried their best friend, and by spring time had moved on and time had healed all wounds. And, cast fresh ones. We learn to adapt to change sooner or later as we get used it. Without change the word would be like a still canvas, not as lively as it is now.
Good things fall apart so better things can fall together, things change so you become stronger. Everything is for the best, and change is the key to it all. These passing seasons have taught me to adapt to change, except there's something more alluring about the season of life because we know the fours seasons of nature but we never know what to expect in life, we're always kept second guessing. But, we learn soon enough to embrace it. Whether it takes seconds, or forever.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nutella- In My Blood, My Drug & My Heaven.

I remember every painful trip to the doctor, every nurse that approached me with gigantic needles that made me yelp with pain, a few seconds after she'd told me it wouldn't hurt at all. The word was full of liars, and truthfully those nurses were pro's at it. They told you sugar coated lies about how needles are there to help us and don't hurt at all. But Nutella isn't a sugar coated lie, it's sugar-chocolate goodness!
If only that nurse would tell me I'm not being injected with some blah-blah, and rather it's Nutella. Nutella, the drug of my choice. I'd take it happily, there'd be no pain just a lot of happiness and ecstasy.
There'd be no blood spilling, I'd rather have Nutella flow through my veins. Anything, that would keep away the pain. Bliss. I bet it'd flood blood banks too.
And when I'd die, I would want to be in a Nutella heaven. Everything Nutella, Nutella tree tops to Nutella grass hoppers. Afterall, it all comes down to one thing. Nutella.
People will think I'm a nutter, but the truth is I am. Nuts for Nutella!
It's that magical chocolate spread, that's got everyone under it's spell. It's like the heavenly mixture from the land where dreams come true. You just can't possibly resist it.

I've always looked for a solution to my anorexic build, and now I've found the answer...Nutella.
The ultimate drug, that causes no harm like Cocaine would. But it gets you high anyway.

The one that would dominate blood banks. Vampires, lucky 'Nutella'-suckers.

The Nutella heaven I want to be carried away too. God, how much longer will you deprive me of that Nutella fountain I saw in my dream?

 Oh and did I mention? I have requests for Nutella Heaven, there must be strawberries. Or else what will I dip in my mouth-watering chocolate filled Nutella jars?
And for those who don't like Nutella and Strawberries? I feel bad for you. It's heaven in disguise! But for those who don't like Nutella...I can already picture you!

And you know I can bet there's more to that, toys-come-alive-after-12 story. I'm awfully sure they've been granted access to Nutella heaven, I know it because they're always so happy and if you look closely sometimes there's even a chocolate smudge on them. They probably sneak out in the dead of the night and make Nutella sandwiches, you know this very unfair. One day i'll get back at them. And, I've already started working on my mission. I've kept my stash of mini Nutella jars far away from their peering eyes.

That's what you get you snivelly-toy-of-Nutella-thieves!

See, now that I have proof I am not resting my case. This is serious, and shall be dealt with just as seriously. Just look at the look on their faces! I'm sure they're the reason I find my Nutella jars see through in the morning.

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Green Team's Awaited Match.

All the surging emotions that have been set free between India and Pakistan in the recent days as both the national teams have emerged into the semi- finals of the Worldcup 2011.
I don't know what's going on across the border, but I do know that around here the hype is insane and the tension will rise as Wednesday approaches.
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, that heads won't roll. It's just a game, and any chance of losing it would be devastating and well... I don't know if the screens will survive this time. It's kind of a tradition here, the cricket fanatic buys a home theater for the sake of the most awaited match, the team loses and before you know it...BAM!! Pieces of that TV he could've just given to me, are flying everywhere. Turns out he put a foot through it, or the dolby surround system he lifted and thrust through. I don't know how that feat was managed probably just the adrenaline rush. Wait...Am I being a little sexist here? I bet there are many female cricket fanatics out there, I'm just not sure they're driven enough to break screens and turn the world upside down after losing...Or who knows? Maybe they are. After Rebecca Black's new single, I'm convinced anything is possible.
Oh and don't take me to be a pessimist or anything! I fully support Pakistan, in fact I'm already geared up with a team shirt, a team green band (I intend to get it soon), and a ticket to watch the match screening (I intend to get a ticket to that to. Er, soon.)
Also, this whole rivalry that's risen JUST because of the upcoming game is wrong, or that's what I think at least. Why fight over a game? Emotions should be kept away from cricket.
India and Pakistan are both well known teams, and they both have an equal chance of winning this. But, nevertheless my support is with Pakistan.
And one more thing, we need to stop blaming the common Indians over something that happened way back in the 1940s it can't be changed but we all need to look past it and move on.
Today's youth should know better than to hate, when there's so much room for love. Afterall, generations have past and maybe it's time to break the ice and move forward.
ANYWAY!! Go Greeen Team!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Wanna Be A White Crayon... So Frikkin' Bad!

I've heard people complaining about the existence of the white crayon, how they think it's completely pointless and useless.

But I? I beg to differ. Forget wondering why white crayons exist, I wish I were a white crayon!

That way no one could use me. At least it would be less painful then being human. Humans have to bear all these emotions, hurt, pain, anger, depression, aggression... Need I say more?

It would be so much easier, to just be the odd white crayon, in a pack full of colorful wax crayons. At least they're at peace. The best part is, they don't even know how badly people don't want to them around, cause they don't hear it, or sense the body language. That's just saved for us humans, to feel to know what people really think of you, to have insults hurled at your face, and behind your back. They're saved the bother, Heck. They're awesome.
From this day on, I want to be a wax crayon... A WHITE one. But then again, I wanted to be superman when I was 8, I waited for a letter to Hogwarts when I was 11...But for now, I'm still your average white crayon wannabe.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Those Yellow Taxis.

When it comes to me, life has always taken sudden, life- altering turns and most of the time I've never been prepared for it. But, really. Who is?
If only life was like your ordinary yellow Taxi, if only it waited for it's passenger to be ready for the ride.
If only life was like the Taxi, in which you'd have a seatbelt to hang on through the bumpy ride.
If only life would let you know what road was ahead.
If only life would give you a chance to sit back and think it over, before going ahead for the plunge.
If only life was like the Taxi driver that would turn around and give you a toothy grin, asking of you to be ready for a long journey ahead.
Isn't that what we all need and want? Time? After all, who could turn back the hands of time once it's moved on? You can only prevent yourself if you know what to expect.
But somehow dealing with the unexpected makes me stronger, helps me grow as a person and prepares me for the worst.
So to every passing yellow Taxi, I don't need the extra time. I may not be prepared for what lies ahead, not even know what life has in-store. But life is all about risk-taking who knows?
Maybe knowing your future doesn't always do you good. If you knew you're going to die ten seconds later, you'd never get in that taxi. Now would you? But you'd probably get killed anyway, because of that fear bottled inside. This was probably a very stupid example, but isn't not knowing better than living with the fear of the unknown? Or knowing whats going to happen, but not having the power to prevent it? That's what I think at least. Live life, care-free. What's going to happen will happen, and no Taxi that crosses your path can ever change your fate.