Saturday, 26 March 2011

Those Yellow Taxis.

When it comes to me, life has always taken sudden, life- altering turns and most of the time I've never been prepared for it. But, really. Who is?
If only life was like your ordinary yellow Taxi, if only it waited for it's passenger to be ready for the ride.
If only life was like the Taxi, in which you'd have a seatbelt to hang on through the bumpy ride.
If only life would let you know what road was ahead.
If only life would give you a chance to sit back and think it over, before going ahead for the plunge.
If only life was like the Taxi driver that would turn around and give you a toothy grin, asking of you to be ready for a long journey ahead.
Isn't that what we all need and want? Time? After all, who could turn back the hands of time once it's moved on? You can only prevent yourself if you know what to expect.
But somehow dealing with the unexpected makes me stronger, helps me grow as a person and prepares me for the worst.
So to every passing yellow Taxi, I don't need the extra time. I may not be prepared for what lies ahead, not even know what life has in-store. But life is all about risk-taking who knows?
Maybe knowing your future doesn't always do you good. If you knew you're going to die ten seconds later, you'd never get in that taxi. Now would you? But you'd probably get killed anyway, because of that fear bottled inside. This was probably a very stupid example, but isn't not knowing better than living with the fear of the unknown? Or knowing whats going to happen, but not having the power to prevent it? That's what I think at least. Live life, care-free. What's going to happen will happen, and no Taxi that crosses your path can ever change your fate.

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