Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nutella- In My Blood, My Drug & My Heaven.

I remember every painful trip to the doctor, every nurse that approached me with gigantic needles that made me yelp with pain, a few seconds after she'd told me it wouldn't hurt at all. The word was full of liars, and truthfully those nurses were pro's at it. They told you sugar coated lies about how needles are there to help us and don't hurt at all. But Nutella isn't a sugar coated lie, it's sugar-chocolate goodness!
If only that nurse would tell me I'm not being injected with some blah-blah, and rather it's Nutella. Nutella, the drug of my choice. I'd take it happily, there'd be no pain just a lot of happiness and ecstasy.
There'd be no blood spilling, I'd rather have Nutella flow through my veins. Anything, that would keep away the pain. Bliss. I bet it'd flood blood banks too.
And when I'd die, I would want to be in a Nutella heaven. Everything Nutella, Nutella tree tops to Nutella grass hoppers. Afterall, it all comes down to one thing. Nutella.
People will think I'm a nutter, but the truth is I am. Nuts for Nutella!
It's that magical chocolate spread, that's got everyone under it's spell. It's like the heavenly mixture from the land where dreams come true. You just can't possibly resist it.

I've always looked for a solution to my anorexic build, and now I've found the answer...Nutella.
The ultimate drug, that causes no harm like Cocaine would. But it gets you high anyway.

The one that would dominate blood banks. Vampires, lucky 'Nutella'-suckers.

The Nutella heaven I want to be carried away too. God, how much longer will you deprive me of that Nutella fountain I saw in my dream?

 Oh and did I mention? I have requests for Nutella Heaven, there must be strawberries. Or else what will I dip in my mouth-watering chocolate filled Nutella jars?
And for those who don't like Nutella and Strawberries? I feel bad for you. It's heaven in disguise! But for those who don't like Nutella...I can already picture you!

And you know I can bet there's more to that, toys-come-alive-after-12 story. I'm awfully sure they've been granted access to Nutella heaven, I know it because they're always so happy and if you look closely sometimes there's even a chocolate smudge on them. They probably sneak out in the dead of the night and make Nutella sandwiches, you know this very unfair. One day i'll get back at them. And, I've already started working on my mission. I've kept my stash of mini Nutella jars far away from their peering eyes.

That's what you get you snivelly-toy-of-Nutella-thieves!

See, now that I have proof I am not resting my case. This is serious, and shall be dealt with just as seriously. Just look at the look on their faces! I'm sure they're the reason I find my Nutella jars see through in the morning.


  1. You just made me crave for nutella! Haha. Nice post btw :)

  2. @Fatimaa: Did I make you want to have Nutella coated strawberries? :D And Thankyouu.

    @Maryam: And BEYOND.

  3. OHH gosh I loveee nutella!
    I usually have to throw it away before I'm finished though! :( Nutella dries so quickly! BUt it's fantastic when it's uber creamyyyy! :)

    I'm your new follower, btw! :D

  4. I knowww. Nutella <3
    Nutella dries WAYYY too quickly :/
    You don't even get it in mini sizes here, I think -.-
    You're making me crave for it again :P
    I just saw, *ecstatic* :D

  5. Adooorable pictures.
    The best thing though- I had Chocolate
    Lindt and Vanilla Nutella milkshake today
    from The Hot Spot.
    MMMM So smooth and creamy and rich.
    Tongue orgasms ftw.